When Namorita became the blue-skinned Kymaera,
she got her most interesting costume.
(I used too much fishnet, though.)

Namorita's since gone back to a Caucasian skin tone.
For many years she wore a 1-pc bathing suit.


So I used a 1-piece halter microslingfrom
('cause it's so f**king sexy)
and combined it with the seashell and fishnet of the Kymaera incarnation
(I got the "seashell" from an air freshener. The "wings" are feathers).

Namorita wore many outfits when she was in New Warriors.
She's one of those characters who doesn't have a standard costume
she always wears. Marvel does that with a lot of its characters.
I combined what I considered were the "signature elements" -
green swimsuit, long blonde hair, wings on her ankles,
and the seashell & fishnet. Also, her swimsuit has scales on it,
so I used a sequin micro bikini from
and the aforementioned halter microsling in green hologram.


Here's a 2-pc. version Jacey modeled (she wouldn't wear a thong).

The ears were too large and the outfit made her look like a Christmas elf.
So I decided to cover the ears.

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