I decided not to do a straight copy of Mary Marvel's costume,
and instead used the hottest dress I could find -
Keyhole dress from
(Note: Sticky-back Velcro is the best adhesive. I used it for
the lightning bolts and other items. It doesn't peel or fall off,
nor does the model have to constantly "adjust" it).
I folded the cape and used spray adhesive to hold it so I could thread the gold cord.

I thought of doing the Adam Hughes version,
but that's more of a tunic and not really like the classic Mary Marvel
(Plus, it doesn't have cleavage).
A slinky cocktail dress is much more modern.
If the classic was ever updated, that's the way to go.


Here's another pic with Abby wearing a wig
(for some reason, the long-hair wigs look horrible,
but the short-hair wigs look fine.
I don't know why. They just do).
Also, the red costume looks much better than the white costume.


Mary Marvel is © DC Comics