Wait a minute! Isn't the Living Pharaoh a dude?
He was...until Sensational Spiderman 19 & 20.
In those issues, his power possessed a young Latina, Akasha Martinez,
and she got this amazing outfit. How could I resist?
Okay, Julie's not Latina. Or Egyptian.
Although most Latinos are descended from Native Americans,
who came over the landbridge from Asia thousands of years ago.
And some Pharoahs weren't even Egyptian - Cleopatra was Greek.
Enough geek facts! Who cares?! She gets the nod 'cause she's f***ing hot!!
Here's more...




String Pretzel in Lime Mesh from;
Wrap in Lime Mesh from;
Ankh necklace from some online jewlery site (lost the receipt);
Pharaoh helmet (it was a mask - I had to cut out the face) and
Cleopatra/Egyptian armbands, collar, & belt from costume shop.

Living Pharaoh is © Marvel Characters