The classic Black Canary outfit featured fishnet, so I gave my version
even more fishnet! Also, while Black Canary wears what appears to be
a blue costume, this is really because in the old 4-color days, blue accented
by black (or black highlighted by blue), looked better on newsprint than shades
of muddy black. You'll notice that, in these 16.7 million computer color days,
both Batman and Superman received new outfits which feature a lot more black.
So Canary's costume should be black, too. She is the Black Canary, after all!

Vinyl Jacket (with Hot Pants, which I didn't use) and Vinyl and Fishnet Halter Teddy
from LJLingerie. Fishnet pantyhose available most anywhere. Darion had the boots.

Here's another version

I replaced the fishnet pantyhose with fishnet thigh-highs.

Black Canary is © DC Comics