Since I was doing the "Classic" Arrowette I decided to also do
the earlier version of her costume, even though it's a bit of a mess.
The gloves appear to be two different colors (they're supposed to be red),
the top is three (?) different colors and that hair - with a tiara? Please, no!
I used gold instead of yellow or white because it's more visually striking.

Red vinyl gloves from Expecteverything.com
 Metallic Choker Hole Top and Flirt Skirt from WickedTemptations.com
Cape and mask from costume shop.

Here's another comparison.

I totally forgot about the white boots. I even forgot I had some in another bag!
Sarah's great as the red-clad Arrowbabe,
but maybe another model would be better for Original Arrowbabe.

Here's a version with a briefer (sexier) top.

What was I saying about getting another model?
After seeing this pic, forget it!
How could it get better than this?

Metallic Micro Triangle Top from WickedTemptations.com

Arrowette is © DC Comics