Zatanna was harder than it looks. For example, a tuxedo jacket with tails is hard to find.
One vintage clothing store had a whole rack of them - but the cheapest was $250!  
Plus, they were all too big.
Mine was part of a $60 tuxedo costume from the costume shop, which is also where
I got the top hat, magic wand, white gloves, black boot covers and fencenet pantyhose.
Zatanna's known for her fishnets, but I think the fencenet looks better in a photo.
I dressed it up with a thrift store's 'magic vest' of stars and crescents. 

This is DC Comics' most recent version of Zatanna, and matches the animated version.

Magdy's Zatanna Babe wears a white bow tie & white ruffled tux shirt like the comic, although it's hard to see.

She's worn different vests, shirts & bow ties over the years.
In the "good old days", before computer coloring and quality color reproduction,
Zatanna, like Batman & so many others, wore blue instead of black because black looked
as clear as mud on the cheap newsprint used. See below examples, w/ my version.

In the "stripped down" version, I changed the bow tie to black.

I couldn't find a coat with tails, but tux costumes for women are available.
 Here's Leigh modeling one. Just doesn't look like Zatanna, though.

Zatanna is © DC Comics / Warner Bros. Animation