Why Wonder Chick?
Well, she's not a girl, not yet a babe
(because that's what I call the other character).
Besides, that's what SB calls her.
Anyway, as long as I was doing Arrowette,
I decided to do a whole Young Justice bit
(but don't expect to see Secret or Empress.
Those all-over bodysuits they wear aren't that interesting).
If the TV networks want young viewers, Young Justice
would be far better than Smallville (gak) or Birds of Prey (ugh).
And if they had a chick as hot as Sarah portray the characters,
no one would even think of Britney (who?) or Anna (whatsername).
I haven't done characters in pants before
because all the pants that were available were boring.
Then they came out with these Extreme Low Riders. Sweet!

Aviator goggles from costume shop.
Zip front crop top (that I forget to zip up) from River's Edge Dancewear.
Bracelets from Wonder Woman costume.
Extreme Low Rider pants from WickedTemptations.com
Stars from JoAnn Fabrics (I didn't have to make them - yay!).

Here are other versions.

Clear Dot String Tank Top from WickedTemptations.com

This is the "adult" Wonder Girl from Sins of Youth.
The shorts didn't make any sense and only lasted one panel.
But then they gave her Wonder Woman/Troia hand-me-downs
that didn't make any sense either.
The jacket and T-shirt were OK.
I kept the pants because it was more "adult",
as well as being a link to her Wonder Girl persona.

Black crop T-shirt from Lovers Lane retail store.

But then I thought the T-shirt wasn't adult enough.
Here's another "adult" version.

The strapless top (tube top) is reminiscent of Wonder Woman's outfit.
The red band is also a nod to her mentor, as well as matching her pants.
Putting a jacket over a strapless top also makes sense.
With a jacket over the shoulders, straps would be superfluous clutter.

Wet-Look Tube Top w/Crimson band from WickedTemptations.com

Wonder Girl is © DC Comics