Yeah, I know. Huntress has dark hair.
Well, so did the model in the photo I saw before I hired her.

Besides that, I made a few other changes.
I decided against the using the other top that would have covered
below her neck/above her chest because it was long-sleeved.
And I didn't make a cross symbol on the top because it would have
messed up the zipper, which I wanted to use for, you know, "zipper shots".
At least the "H" symbol makes sense.
In addition, those gloves are purple. A deep purple.
I don't know why it photographs blue. It's strange.
I picked Leigh because she could do the outfit justice.
If I would have picked someone with an ounce of fat around the middle,
that midriff-baring 1-piece would have squeezed it all out
in a most unattractive way.
(Leigh was also willing to pose for other shots, ifyaknowwhutImean).
She is wearing Huntress' cross; It just got lost in the outfit.
The belt is a bat utility belt painted purple.
Liquid hologram zip front romper from digitalthreadz.
Cape, gloves and mask from costume shop.

Here's another comparison..

Huntress' mask, gloves & belt are purple, not black.
It's sometimes hard to tell with this new outfit she wears.
(I went with a purplish cape to accentuate this).
I'll probably re-do this outfit, and even do other versions.

Huntress is © DC Comics