Arrowette has such a great costume - the strength of red leather(?)
combined with the vulnerability and innocence of a white (cheerleader's?) skirt.
I haven't been so impressed by the look of a character in a long time.
But I never had the right outfit or accessories.
I have great respect for the character and didn't think I could do her justice.
Then I found new clothing items (as well as new models!) and,
remembering the sexy older sister theory, knew I could make a go of it.
The only problem I had is the red of red leather doesn't match other red items
(if you can find red leather, that is). So I went with the red vinyl.
(There's nothing wrong with the red leggings. Sarah's only 5'2").
Alas, I was so amazed at seeing the character in the flesh
that I totally forget to ask the model to do a few poses.
I clicked away and took picture after picture. I took too many pictures. Oh well.

Red vinyl gloves and leggings from
Red lace-up crop top and white Flirt skirt from
Red half-face mask from costume shop.

Here's Arrowbabe in a sexier top.

Vinyl top from

Here's another version and my take on it.

I didn't want to do a straight copy.
Hooded cape from costume shop.
Metallic red Titty top, micro top and Extreme metallic chaps (w/attached thong)

Arrowette is © DC Comics